Webfest Berlin is the first international festival in Germany dedicated to presenting, recognizing and advancing short form digital series from around the world. The third edition of Webfest Berlin will take place on September 8 & 9, 2017.

The Webfest Berlin 2017 theme is #WFBSTRATEGY. This year, in addition to discovering the very best digital series in the world, creators, distributors, broadcasters, and VOD Platforms alike, will learn the newest strategies for marketing, selling, writing, and producing short form digital content. Whether you are starting from zero or ready to hit the market, there is a strategy involved. Learn how to make the very most of your ideas and your work at Webfest Berlin 2017. 


Over 2 days, attendees gain exposure to some of the most innovative story-telling techniques, market trends, and newest production technologies. Webfest Berlin provides a warm and genuine atmosphere which puts industry experts, talented creators, producers, and buyers all on the same playing field. Attendees leave our magical city inspired, educated, and full of new friends, collaborators, and potential clients. The festivities culminate in the announcement of the winners of the 2017 Webfest Berlin Awards at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 9.

Join us in 2017 and find your #WFBSTRATEGY to #BEWHATSNEXT!