1 Minute Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC (US) – Non-Fiction

Albtrauf (DE) – Pilot

Amy Street (NZ) – Non-Fiction

Bertrand (FR) – Comedy

Black As (AU) – Non-Fiction

Bruce The Series (AU) – Comedy

Che Peruano (AR) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

CONFESS (IS) – Drama

Connection House (IT) – Comedy

Dear Mankind (DE) – Pilot

Deluxe Motion (CA) – Animation/Puppetry

Der Wedding kommt (DE) - Comedy

DUAM (In Another World)/ DUAM (Dans Un Autre Monde) (FR) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Ebersberg (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Fightin' ISIS (AU) - Animation

FIRED - Who is going to be fired?/ FIRED - Chi sarà licenziato? (IT) – Comedy

God is Coming (DE) – Animation/Puppetry

Hidden (IT) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

High Life (AU) – Drama

HYPNO (CA) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

iam.serafina (DE) – Drama

Jezabel (BE) – Drama

Kanaga (TR) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Petul (FR) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Restoration (AU) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Running With Violet (CA) – Drama

Save Me (CA) – Comedy

Shit/Shiet (DE) – Pilot

Spessart Shorts (DE) – Pilot

Supa Supa (FR) – Animation/Puppetry

SUPER (BR) – Comedy

Terreur 404 (CA) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

The Amazing Hoolister Park/El Maravilloso Parque Hoolister (UY) – Comedy

The Y Theory (BE) – Drama

Waynak: Where Are You? (INT) – Non-Fiction

We Are Fathers (US) – Comedy

Wishlist (DE) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

World of Wolfram (DE) – Comedy


Series in this selection show sustained excellence in storytelling, creativity, and production values across multiple seasons. Trailers of each series will be screened during the festival. This selection is not in official competition, but fully part of our program. One series from this selection will be awarded, by the festival, as the Best Returning Series 2017

Darren Has a Breakdown (UK)

Esther’s Style/Estilo Esther (AR)

Euh (BE)

High Road (NZ)

Papa (CA)

Starting From Now (AU)

Uninspired (US)

Zyara (LB)


The spirit of Berlin is multi-cultural, community oriented, and one-of-a-kind. Series in this selection are recognized for representing this unique spirit of the city. Berlin Selections are not in competition, but fully part of our program and will be screened at our Berlin party at the end of the first day of the festival.



Mona Lisa Cowboy (US)

Ping Pong (DE)