#Brecha (BR) – Drama


Antarktika (DE) – Animation

Behind the Stream (DE) – Branded

Beyond Champions. Moving Stories of Great Athletes (SE) – Branded

Bidune Kaid (Undocumented) (LB) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Challenger: Night Patrol (FR) – Pilot

Château Laurier (CA) – Pilot

Depto (AR) – Comedy

Dexter Jackson’s Guide to Dating (US) – Comedy

Dominos (CA) – Drama

END UNSUNG (FI) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Event Zero (AU) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Fast Heroes Sixty (DE) – Animation

Filth City (CA) – Comedy

GIMEL (IL) – Non-Fiction

Goons Inc (AU) - Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Hotel Romanov (UY) – Comedy

IRAN #NOFILTER (FR) – Non-Fiction

It’s Complicated (RU) – Drama

KYNNSTLAH (DE) – Non-Fiction

Let’s Talk Digital (DE) – Branded

Life Underground (FR) – Non-Fiction

Love in Translation (FR) – Comedy

Moving Forward (DE) – Branded

NarcoLeap (CA) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Nemausus (FR) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

OFFSCREEN - the series (DE) – Comedy

Patricia Moore (AU) – Drama

Porno Leif (DK) - Comedy

Preschool Inc. (CA) – Comedy

Queer Amsterdam (NL) – Drama

Shotgun Boogie (IT) – Non-Fiction

Skinford (AU) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Small Town Hackers (AU) – Comedy

South Farm (UA) – Animation

Stage Fright (DE) – Drama

Sylvain le Magnifique (CA) – Comedy

The Artists: The Untold History of Video Games (CA) – Non-Fiction

The Cell (FR) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

The Last Seven (MY) – Pilot

Der Mann Für Die Sünde (The Man for Your Sins) (DE) – Comedy


Twinky Doo’s Magic World (IT) – Pilot

Wrong Kind of Black (AU) – Drama

YAMAHA Genos Profiles (DE) – Branded

You’re the Pest (US) – Comedy


returning series.png

Series in this selection show sustained excellence in storytelling, creativity, and production values across multiple seasons. Trailers of each series will be screened during the festival. This selection is not in official competition, but fully part of our program. One series from this selection will be awarded, by the festival, as the Best Returning Series 2018.

1000 Londoners (UK)

Follow Me - Season 2 (BG)

Mortus Corporatus (FR)

Écrivain Public (Public Writer) - Season 2 (CA)

RANDOM - Season 2 (FR)

That’s My DJ - Season 3 (CA)

The Pantsless Detective - Season 4: "Play It Again, Dick!" (US)

This Is Me - Season 2 (RU)



The spirit of Berlin is multi-cultural, community oriented, and one-of-a-kind. Series in this selection are recognized for representing this unique spirit of the city. Berlin Selections are not in competition, but fully part of our program and will be screened at our Berlin party at the end of the first day of the festival. One series from this selection will be awarded, by the festival, as the Best Berlin Selection 2018.

Hinterher (Afterwards) (DE)

Just Push Abuba (DE)

The Elevator (TR)

The Love Series (CH)

Up, Up (DE)

When I Grow Up (DE)