A-Live (IT) – Branded

Anomalie (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Bad Juju (UK) – Comedy

Bastards (DE) – Non- Fiction

Bip (CH) – Comedy

Blackout (CA) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Boldiouk & Bradock (BE) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Content (AU) – Comedy

Das sechste Element (DE) – Branded

Detention Adventure (CA) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Digital Doctor (RU) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Donors (BR) – Comedy

Estremi Rimedi (IT) – Comedy

Final Cut (RU) – Pilot

Fjer (DK) – Pilot

Fourchette (CA) – Drama

Friday the 13th (KR) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Furor (IN) – Action/Thriller/Suspense

Georges est mort (CA) – Comedy

Goals (FI) – Drama

Gorda (AR) – Drama

Gut Feeling (AU) – Comedy

Hotel Paradise (DK) - Drama

In Bed (RU) - Comedy

It’s a Match (DE) – Branded

La Maison des folles (CA) – Drama

Liga da Mata (BR) - Animation

Location Scouts (AU) – Branded

Lost in Traplanta (FR) – Non-Fiction

M (AR) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Meine Gang (DE) – Branded

Pandas Don’t Cry (DE) – Pilot

People Like Us (SG) – Drama

Polichinelles (FR) - Comedy

Robbie Hood (AU) – Comedy

Second Home (CA) – Animation

Singles Diaries (DE) – Comedy

The Lost Ones (FR) – Non-Fiction

The Mother Load (AU) – Pilot

The Night of the Hungry Turtles (DE) – Pilot

The Twist (AU) – Animation

The Vault (CA) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Vakkenvullers (NL) – Comedy

Vero (BR) – Drama

VideoHunterS (DE) – Non-Fiction

Vieux Jeu (CA) – Drama

Vol69 (FR) – Pilot

Von Wölfen und Menschen (DE) – Pilot

Wind Bell (KR) – Branded

Women of the Island (AU) – Non-Fiction


returning series.png

Series in this selection show sustained excellence in storytelling, creativity, and production values across multiple seasons. One series from this selection will be awarded, by the festival, as the Best Returning Series 2019.

20 Seconds to Live – Season 2 (USA)

Fast Heroes Sixty – Season 2 (DE)

Inside the Extras Studio – Season 2 (USA)

Le temps des chenilles – Season 2 (CA)

Noche De Amor (AR)

Encanto da Sereia (BR)

Running With Violet (Season 2)

Terreur 404 – Season 2 (CA)


The spirit of Berlin is multi-cultural, community oriented, and one-of-a-kind. Series in this selection are recognized for representing this unique spirit of the city. One series from this selection will be awarded, by the festival, as the Best Berlin Selection 2018.

#kämpfergeist (DE)

Für Umme (DE)

Sagesse de Rue (FR)

Çohu (STAND UP) (CH)

Trafic (CA)