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WRITING WORKSHOP: Writing Women Characters

All too often we see the same tropes repeated time and again when creating women characters. Find out what to avoid when writing genuine, original women.




Jasmina is a member of the writers collective „Schreibkollektiv Q3“, which consists of seven writers who graduated from Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (dffb) and are now successfully working together as a network, in various writers rooms and collaborations. After extending her studies in the first Writers Room: Lab-programme at Bayrisches Filmzentrum, Jasmina worked on the fourth season of the award winning web series „DRUCK“ (funk/Bantrybay Productions) with members of the collective and as one of the creators of the Prime Time series „Nachtschwestern“ (UFA Serial Drama/RTL). Furthermore she worked on projects for Warner Bros. Germany/Cartoonfilm, Network Movie, ZDFe, TLC, Saxonia Media and currently for Neuesuper/Sky.