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Every year, dramas are the most awarded web series in the world. This genre has grown immensely in recent years and serves to address deep, contemporary issues and subjects. How is short form dealing with this intensity of emotions? What strategies can directors use to make their series emotionally impactful? 


Diana Mirza


Diana Mirza is Project Lead at House of Research – a media and market research company based in Berlin, which studies media audiences with special attention to narrative audiovisual media such as film, television and online video.

Before joining House of Research, Diana worked as a research and teaching associate at the Institute for Theory and Practice of Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. In her academic work, she investigated the emotional impact of drama in the form of movies and short films on different audiences. She has extensive experience with different methodical approaches for studying emotion in the context of media reception, including coding viewers’ facial expressions and measuring physiological data (heart rate and skin conductance). 

Tolga H. Yüceil


Tolga H. Yüceil (1969, Ankara) lives in İstanbul. Between 1994-2000, he studied photography at CUNY and film at the New School in New York City. 

He worked as an photo-editor for Danny Lyon and as a photo-assistant for Eddie Adams. In Istanbul , He produced and directed numerous TV commercials, video works and short films.  He was the project partner and the DP for the feature-documentary film, ‘’Eski Açık Sarı Desene’’ - The Journey of the Galatasaray soccer team in 2002-2003. He is the founding partner ofthe production company ‘’Nnaco’’. Nnaco is a no-compromise funky joint to produce works ranging from photography to video art and from short films to commercials. The company is trying to work with people and projects that promote a positive vibe.

Caterina Mongiò


Caterina Mongiò, filmmaker and actress, was born and raised in Rome.

She studied film at UCLA. While studying, She had a chance to work as a director for a documentary , "Rio Meu Amor, stories of Rio”. 
She spent her time in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro filming children and their lives in relation to local music.
In Rome, she directed numerous (making of ) backstage videos forItalian Film Productions, among them ‘’The Unknown’’ directed by Oscar Award Winner Giuseppe Tornatore, and other films directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, Luca Guadagnino and Volfango De Biasi.

August Pflugfelder


August Pflugfelder is Creative Producer at PULS, the young public broadcasting service from the Bayerische Rundfunk. He developed an realised in the past years a wide range of innovative cross media formats ranging from documentation series like “UMZUG!” to web series or recently the first soap on Snapchat “iam.serafina”. 

August Pflugfelder studied film & directing at the Munich Film School and won already several prices for his documentaries. 

Marc Schießer


Marc Schießer was born in Wuppertal in 1986 and made his first short films at the age of 13. After studying, Marc worked as a producer and camera operator on fashion films as well as a media pedagogical director at the renowned Medienprojekt Wuppertal. From 2014 to 2016, he worked together with Marcel Becker-Neu on the fiction YouTube channel "Vivi & Denny". Since 2016, he has been the Managing Director of Outside the Club GmbH and writer, director and producer of the mystery series "Wishlist".


Muriel Aboulrouss


A multiple awad-winning cinematographer from Beirut-Lebanon, considered to be the first camerawoman in the Arab world. Her cinematography includes a great deal of award winning documentaries , such as Mercedes by Hady Zaccak , and feature films such as Michel Kammoun’s Falafel 2006 and George Hashem’s Stray Bullet 2010 for which she won best cinematography at Namur film festival.

As a teacher and lecturer she created & led film workshops within the Cine-Jam film lab. In 2014, she debuted as a director with documentary series Zyara , produced by her own production Home of cine-jam.

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