20 Seconds to Live (USA) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

A Year Without Us (AR) – Comedy

Arthur (CH) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

Beard Club (FR) – Drama

Big G (FR) – Pilot

Boy Scauts (AR) – Comedy

Brutal (FR) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

Church Night TV (US) – Comedy

Cluster Agency (FR) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

CODED (CA) – Drama

Das Apartment (DE) – Comedy

Der Lack ist ab // Season 3 (DE) – Comedy

Discocalypse (DE) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

Doppelganger (KR) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

Endzeit (DE) – Drama

Girlism (FR) – Comedy

God Bless Zombies (FR) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

Gut Holz (DE) – Pilot

Heimathelden (DE) – Non-Fiction

Il était une foi les gens - Face to Faith (CH) – Non-Fiction

IT MUST BE! (FR) – Animation/Puppetry

Love Story of April (KR) - Drama (VR)

Made in Mosjøen (NO) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

Miss Beverly Hills Ghost (US) – Pilot

Os Britos Tambem Amam (BR) – Comedy

Public Writer (CA) – Drama

Seasonal Life (CA) – Non-Fiction

Snippets Of A Lifetime (DE) – Non-Fiction

Sturm des Wissens (DE) – Drama

The Adventures of Broken Heart (AR) – Animation/Puppetry

Tiefschwarz (DE) – Comedy

La Dump (CA) – Animation/Puppetry

The Show of Cumulo and Nimbo (AR) – Animation/Puppetry

The Universe According to Friedrich Liechtenstein (DE) – Comedy

The Wizards of Aus (AU) – Comedy

TubeHeads (DE) – Animation/Puppetry

Yumington No Bodies (FR) – Pilot

Zac and Me (AU) – Comedy