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Transmedia Storytelling

Using Multiple Platforms and Formats to Enhance Your Story




Anthony Straeger Is an English Actor now based in Berlin. He has many years experience in Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials, and voice overs. Recent work includes, The Danish films ‘Land of Mine’ directed by Martin Zandvliet and Summer ’92 directed by Kasper Barfoed. Anthony has starred in multiple web series including 'A Problem Shared' and 'Mission Backup Earth'. As a director his horror film Call of the Hunter featured in 15 festivals and received critical acclaim. He is currently working on a documentary about Wilhelm Busch.




Kristian Costa-Zahn

Kristian Costa-Zahn is Head of Creation of the UFA digital unit UFA LAB. UFA is Germany’s biggest TV production company and part of the global companies Fremantle and Bertelsmann. He graduated as a Master of Arts with an interactive feature film in 2003, which was considered as pioneer work at that time. The following years he worked as a conceptual and graphic designer and film director. In his first years as a media professional he received awards for his multimedia film projects for Adidas and Deutsche Post. He works for UFA since 2006 and was the creative lead for many 360° storytelling projects. As a creative and executive producer he brought the following projects to life among others: The talent platform "Your Chance" (2009), the ZDF transmedia project "Wer rettet Dina Foxx" (2011), the award-winning motion comic “Ewig Mein” (2012) and the urban culture YouTube Original Channel "eNtR berlin" (2012/13). Hisprojects won various national and international awards, among others “New York Festivals Gold World Medal”, “Best Cross-Platform Fiction” and “Best Interactive Project” at the Banff World Media Festival, “Best Commercial Machinima” and “BuchMarkt-Award (Gold)”. His latest success was winning an “International Digital Emmy” for the transmedia project “Dina Foxx – Deadly Contact” (2014), worldwide one of the first projects including fictional 360°-videos.


Selim Güngör

Jury Member, Creative Strategist, VICE


Sandra Bühler

Sandra Bühler is a filmmaker, new media artist, and designer. After her graduation as graphic designer in Zurich, she turned towards moving images, as well as audio-visual performances and studied „Visual Communication“ and „Art and Media/Experimental Film“ in Berlin and Tokyo. She continued her work at the Calarts in California, focusing on documentary filmmaking and experimental animation. Since 2013 she is working independently as filmmaker and artist.


Sven Haeberlein - The Trotzkind GmbH

The Trotzkind GmbH combines narrative storytelling from films with interactive content in order to provide digital storytelling. The main focus are emotionally compelling stories in connection with the newest technology. Amongst other projects, an innovative and interactive 360° film experience was developed, that let’s the user immerse in a 360° film and opens up different paths depending on his choices. Trotzkind also does development and research in the areas of Virtual Reality and interial sensor-based Motion Capturing.