Camille Ghanassia

In collaboration with Sophie Garric, she co-wrote and co-directed three short films. In 2010 she made her first documentary, The Enchanted Wall, produced by Les Films D'Ici, and worked then on other documentary films : the NEW MORNING Chronicle and Anna with Cécile de France. As an actress, she performed for series and TV movies. At the theater, she played in the famous Eve Ensler feminist piece: Th e Vagina Monologues. In 2014 the adventure continues with his partner Sophie Garric by launching a web series: LE MEUFI SME. In coproduction with Canal + since 2015, the series takes off and recorded more than 200 000 subscribers on YouTube today.


Janet Denardis

Janet De Nardis is an Italian journalist, television author, anchorwoman and actress. She worked for Rai, Sky, Class News and Class CNBC, signing some television programmes. She graduated in Architecture and is a web, art and fashion expert. She is coordinator and instructor of a course dedicated to web native products at the Sapienza University of Rome. She is advisor for the Palomar SPA regarding web products. Since 2012 she is Art Director of the Roma Web Fest, as well as its creator and founder.


Maude Morissette

Maude Morissette is a comedian graduated from l'École nationale de l'humour (Montreal Comedy School) in 2011. She first completed a university degree in Commerce and Advertising before jumping into comedy. She has worked as a researcher and commentator on various TV programs and performed stand-up comedy at many festivals. There's something about Maude that makes her likeable and captivating. Since a young age, Maude's greatest passions are animation and drawing. It comes as no surprise that she started this great adventure now known as The Dump a web series for young adults starring ludicrous puppets and her first project as a producer, writer and comedian.


Nina Heinrich

Nina Heinrich works in cultural management and as editor for publishing companies in Hamburg, where she is based. In 2016 she founded the Wendie Webfest Hamburg, the first festival for independent series in the hanseatic city.