Ajay Kishore

Ajay Kishore is the founder and CEO of Stareable. Stareable is a community-driven site for independent internet television. Talented creators are producing tons of amazing content, but it can be difficult to find shows when they are scattered across platforms and mixed in with cute cat videos. Stareable helps viewers navigate the clutter to find their new favorite show. It blends the crowdsourced with the curated, providing a platform-spanning destination where users can browse, read reviews, and get recommendations.


Julian Hansman

Julian Hansman has been into computers and their possibilities since his childhood. He studied business informatics and has worked since 2009 for 1&1, starting as product manager and switching to IT security four years ago. With Netfall, a video-on-demand service for independent movies and webseries, he made his love for digital media his profession. He never owned a TV - back then this was considered old-fashioned, nowadays it's progressive.


Young Man Kang

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Director Young Man Kang directed five feature films, three web series and a documentary. All feature films have been released on DVD in the US, and have sold in over 15 countries so far with his six films. He has a total of 11 awards from a number of film festivals including the epic film entitled "The Last Eve", Which was rated one of the '10 Best Unseen Films Of 2005' and received Five Stars by 'Film Threat.' Director Young Man Kang collaborated with fellow Avatar (director: James Cameron) alumni, Just Cause 3d, on his 4d Experience Project (client Hyundai). The 4d Experience was one of the first in the world to use a 4D 5G grandeur theater ad in 2010. In 2012, he's been working on a documentary feature film 'Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti' for 12 years an epic saga project since 2001, and a web series 'Kimchi Warrior' The Korean version of Popeye (TM), a martial arts comedy that has gained international recognition and won 3 awards at LAWEBFEST 2014 and 'AREX Airport Railroad won an award at LAWEBFEST 2016. 'Doppelganger' receives two award nominations at Melbourne WebFest. He is founder and executive director of the KWEB FEST, the first ever web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia.