WEBFEST BERLIN 2016: Official Selection of Web Series and Program announced for the festival on the 9th and 10th of September.


Berlin, 30th of August 2016: The best web series from around the world will be presented at the second edition of the Berliner festival for web series, happening on the 9th and 10th of September at Blogfabrik. More than 160 web series from 26 countries were submitted to Webfest Berlin. 38 web series were chosen for the official selection and will be screened at the festival.


At the second edition of Webfest Berlin, the theme is #WFBCONNECT. Webfest Berlin founder, Meredith Burkholder, has created a hub for connecting digital content creators, distributors, networks, and technological innovators in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Global leaders in the digital content industry will be present to discuss the quickly changing episodic digital content landscape and the opportunities that exist for digital content creators. Buyers and creators alike will gain exposure to some of the most innovative story-telling techniques and newest production technology on the market.


The two-day festival will feature screenings of all official selections, VR experiences and workshop presented by INVR.SPACE GmbH, as well as panel discussions and presentations on the web series industry in Germany and around the world. Speakers and panelists will include Joël Bassaget of Web Series Mag and the Web Series World Cup, Kai Wiesinger of Official Selection ‘Der Lack ist Ab’, Kristian Costa-Zahn - Creative Director at UFA Lab, Young Man Kang - Founder of K Webfest (Seoul), Janet Denardis – Founder of Roma Webfest (Italy), Dennis Albrecht – Founder of https://unsereserien.de/, Ajay Kishore – Founder of http://stareable.com/, and many more.


The festival culminates on Saturday evening, with the announcement of the winners of the annual Webfest Berlin awards, selected by a top-class jury. The awards will include: Grand Prize Winner, Best in Germany, Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Animation/Puppetry, Best Non-Fiction, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror, Best Action/Thriller/Suspense, Best Pilot, and Audience Favorite. ‘What’s Next Awards’ will be awarded by the festival for the most promising writer, director, and producer of Webfest Berlin 2016. 10 selected series will also gain automatic Official Selection to one Webfest Berlin Partner festival – LA Web  Fest, Roma Web Fest, K Web Fest, Melbourne Webfest, Webfest Montreal, Rio Webfest, Dub Web Fest, Wendie Webfest Hamburg, Die Seriale, and Seriencamp. The Grand Jury Prize winner will receive a €500 cash prize from https://netfall.tv.


The complete festival schedule can be found here: http://www.webfest.berlin/schedule/


On September 19th, Webfest Berlin will release the first digital series catalog in the world. The catalog will feature all submissions to Webfest Berlin and is open to any creator or business wishing to advertise their digital series or service. Buyers and interested parties may sign up to receive the catalog in PDF format at http://www.webfest.berlin/catalog/.



Webfest Berlin 2016 Official Selections


20 Seconds to Live (USA) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

A Year Without Us (AR) – Comedy

Arthur (CH) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

Beard Club (FR) – Drama

Big G (FR) – Pilot

Boy Scauts (AR) – Comed

Brutal (FR) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

Church Night TV (US) – Comedy

Cluster Agency (FR) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

CODED (CA) – Drama

Das Apartment (DE) – Comedy

Der Lack ist ab // Season 3 (DE) – Comedy

Discocalypse (DE) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

Doppelganger (KR) - Action/Thriller/Suspense

Endzeit (DE) – Drama

Girlism (FR) – Comedy

God Bless Zombies (FR) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

Gut Holz (DE) – Pilot

Heimathelden (DE) – Non-Fiction

Il était une foi les gens - Face to Faith (CH) – Non-Fiction

IT MUST BE! (FR) – Animation/Puppetry

Love Story of April (KR) – Drama/Virtual Reality

Made in Mosjøen (NO) - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror

Miss Beverly Hills Ghost (US) – Pilot

Os Britos Tambem Amam (BR) – Comedy

Public Writer (CA) – Drama

Seasonal Life (CA) – Non-Fiction

Snippets Of A Lifetime (DE) – Non-Fiction

Sturm des Wissens (DE) – Drama

The Adventures of Broken Heart (AR) – Animation/Puppetry

Tiefschwarz (DE) – Comedy

La Dump (CA) – Animation/Puppetry

The Show of Cumulo and Nimbo (AR) – Animation/Puppetry

The Universe According to Friedrich Liechtenstein (DE) – Comedy

The Wizards of Aus (AU) – Comedy

TubeHeads (DE) – Animation/Puppetry

Yumington No Bodies (FR) – Pilot

Zac and Me (AU) – Comedy


About Webfest Berlin

Webfest Berlin is the first international digital series festival in Germany. With „BE WHAT’S NEXT“ as its motto, Webfest Berlin invites digital content creators from all around the world to share their web series and be part of a new, innovative movement within online entertainment. Webfest Berlin is supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, Netfall.tv, INVR.SPACE GmbH, Skullcandy Heaphones, AirFrance/KLM, Znaida Vermouth, and Swissôtel Berlin.


Tickets and more information about Webfest Berlin: www.webfest.berlin

Webfest Berlin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Webfestberlin

Contact: press@webfest.berlin