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Vote on your favorite from the Official Selections of Webfest Berlin 2015!
40 Thoughts (DE) – Animation
AIRLOCK (AU) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Authentik (FR) – Comedy
BIGHEADS (DE) – Comedy
Deichbullen (DE) - Comedy
Discrepance (FR) – Drama
Dog Bytes (USA) - Drama
Dring (FR) - Comedy
ELBA – Napoleon’s Legacy (IT) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Emma’s Welt (DE) – Comedy
Face Your Fears (CH) – Transmedia
Gabriel (FR) – Horror/Thriller/Suspense
Gettin’ DOWN (USA) – Non-Fiction
Ghosts of the Road (DE) – Non-Fiction
Gifted Corporation (SP) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
High Road (NZ) – Comedy
Judas Goat (UK) – Horror/Thriller/Suspense
Kumbaya! (DE) - Comedy
Let Me Out (IT) – Horror/Thriller/Suspense
Low Life (AUS) – Drama
MEM – The Series (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Milano Underground (IT) - Drama
Mission Backup Earth (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Number of Silence (DE) – Horor/Thriller/Suspense
Opposite of Sex (BR) – Comedy
Pirate Fishing (UK) – Transmedia
Polyglot (DE) - Drama
Positive Sinking (DE) - Comedy
Random (FR) – Drama
REDLAND (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ryuhan Villa 402 (KR) - Comedy
Saturday Night Fathers (IT) - Comedy
Starting From Now (AU) – Drama
Sunset (SP) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Tales From Tinder (AU) – Non-Fiction
The Film Lab (AU) – Comedy
The Invisible Man (USA) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Trick or Treat: I LOVE America! (JP) – Comedy
Why! (DE) – Animation
Zozo “The Fugitive of The Space” (FR) – Animation
Zyara (LB) – Non-Fiction
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