Webfest Berlin 2015

Making History

Webfest Berlin is a festival dedicated to encouraging and recognizing independent, international, web series and their creators. Webfest Berlin will show the world ‘What’s Next’ in global web series for the first time in September 2015. The celebration will feature 2 days of screenings, speakers, forums, and parties culminating in the announcement of the winners of the inaugural Webfest Berlin awards.

Official selections trailer for Webfest Berlin 2015. Submissions for Webfest Berlin 2016 are now live! Submit your web series today! https://filmfreeway.com/festival/WebfestBerlin

Webfest Berlin Panels 2015


1. Friday, September 4, 11:30 - Platforms, Distribution and Monetization of Web Series - Moderator: Anthony Straeger

- Philipp Steffens, Jury Member, Head of Fiction, RTL

- Prof. Dr. Markus Kuhn – Jury Member, Professor of Media Studies, University of Southern Denmark, Odense

- Joel Bassaget – Author of Web Series Mag, Founder of the Web Series World Cup

- Thomas Tafanelli – Content Acquisition , Opera Software


2. Friday, September 4, 14:30 - Transmedia Storytelling –Using Multiple Platforms and Formats to Enhance Your Story - Moderator: Anthony Straeger

- Kristian Costa-Zahn – Head of Creation, UFA LAB

- Selim Güngör – Jury Member, Creative Strategist, VICE

- Sandra Bühler – Creator of Official Selection – ‚Face Your Fears’

- Sven Haeberlein, Trotzkind


3. Saturday, September 5, 11:30 - The challenge of creating a web series – creators from around the world share their experience – Moderator: Lucas Fortes da Silva

- Atsushi Ogata – Japan/USA, Creator of ‚Trick or Treat: I LOVE AMERICA’

- Muriel Aboulrouss – Lebanon, Creator of ‚Zyara’

- Luke Eve – Australia/USA, Creator of ‚Low Life’

- Mark Szilagyi – Germany/Hungary/Rwanda, Creator of ‚REDLAND’

- Nicole Fornoff - Germany, Creator of ,Emma's Welt'


4. Saturday, September 5, 14:30 - What’s Next: The Future of Web Series - Moderator: Anthony Straeger

- Antoine Disle – Co-Founder of Rockzeline

- Karsten Kastelan – Jury Member, Film Critic, Hollywood Reporter

- Csongor Dobrotka – Founder of Die Seriale, Creator of Official Selection – ‚Number of Silence’


Workshops 2015


A 90-minutes pitching skills course presented in conjunction with Raindance Berlin. The course is designed for film-makers seeking tools and strategies to present their projects appropriately and convincingly – be it on paper, on stage, face to face in an elevator or during a business lunch. General topics like body language and tonality will be covered as well as advice on how to create efficient loglines and on how to overcome insecurities and pitching anxiety. 

Tutor -Sascha Supastrapong



Sign up at the registration desk for your 30 minute personal consultation with Vision Bakery’s Anja Thonig. Anja will review your project and provide guidance for creating a successful rewards based crowdfunding campaign.

Web Fest Berlin 2015 Award Winners


Grand Jury Award - High Road

Best Comedy – Dring

Best Drama - Milano Underground

Best Sci/Fi Fantasy – ELBA - Napoleon’s Legacy    

Best Horror/Thriller/Suspense - Gabriel

Best Animation – Zozo “The Fugitive of the Space"

Best Non- Fiction – Tales from Tinder

Best Transmedia Project – Pirate Fishing

Best in Germany – Emma’s Welt AND Polyglot   

Audience Favorite – Kumbaya



Dublin Web Fest – 40 Thoughts

LA Web Fest – Why!

Rio Web Fest – Kumbaya!

KWebfest 2016 – MEM – The Series

Roma Web Fest – Positive Sinking

SHE WEBFest (New addition) - BIGHEADS




Low Life

BIGSHOT - The Series

Webfest Berlin Official Selection 2015

40 Thoughts (DE) – Animation

AIRLOCK (AU) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Authentik (FR) – Comedy

BIGHEADS (DE) – Comedy


Deichbullen (DE) - Comedy

Discrepance (FR) – Drama

Dog Bytes (USA) - Drama

Dring (FR) - Comedy

ELBA – Napoleon’s Legacy (IT) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Emma’s Welt (DE) – Comedy

Face Your Fears (CH) – Transmedia

Gabriel (FR) – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Gettin’ DOWN (USA) – Non-Fiction

Ghosts of the Road (DE) – Non-Fiction

Gifted Corporation (SP) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

High Road (NZ) – Comedy

Judas Goat (UK) – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Kumbaya! (DE) - Comedy

Let Me Out (IT) – Horror/Thriller/Suspense

Low Life (AUS) – Drama

MEM – The Series (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Milano Underground (IT) - Drama

Mission Backup Earth (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Number of Silence (DE) – Horor/Thriller/Suspense

Opposite of Sex (BR) – Comedy

Pirate Fishing (UK) – Transmedia

Polyglot (DE) - Drama

Positive Sinking (DE) - Comedy

Random (FR) – Drama

REDLAND (DE) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Ryuhan Villa 402 (KR) - Comedy

Saturday Night Fathers (IT) - Comedy

Starting From Now (AU) – Drama

Sunset (SP) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Tales From Tinder (AU) – Non-Fiction

The Film Lab (AU) – Comedy

The Invisible Man (USA) – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Trick or Treat: I LOVE America! (JP) – Comedy

Why! (DE) – Animation

Zozo “The Fugitive of The Space” (FR) – Animation

Zyara (LB) – Non-Fiction