Are you looking to sell your series, but don’t know how to get it in front of the right eyes? Are you looking to buy content, but don’t know where to find it? Webfest Berlin is here to help! In our ongoing efforts to connect digital content creators, distributors, networks, MCN’s, streaming platforms, and brands, we’ve added a new opportunity to our program. This year, Webfest Berlin will compile a catalog of digital content from around the world. ALL series submitted to Webfest Berlin will be included in the catalog, regardless of Official Selection or award status. Any series which are not eligible to be submitted to Webfest Berlin 2016 will be offered the opportunity to list their project in the catalog. This is absolutely not to be missed. This is where your journey begins. This is how YOU become WHAT’S NEXT.

Catalogs will be distributed by request in PDF format one week after the conclusion of Webfest Berlin. 

For corporate pricing, please contact

Individual catalog listings can be purchased via the link below. Click 'Get Tickets' on the Eventbrite page for catalog options.



On September 9, 2016, Webfest Berlin will connect the best and brightest of the digital content industry for a professional day at Webfest Berlin. This is an unprecedented opportunity for buyers to view the best digital content on the web, and for creators to get their project, pitch, or idea in front of global leaders in the digital content industry. Experts will present information on the quickly changing industry landscape and the opportunities that exist for digital content creators. Attendees will also get a peek at WHAT’S NEXT in digital content creation through world premiere screenings and presentations of the newest story-telling technology on the market. 

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After a first edition which brought several distribution deals for web series in selection, Webfest Berlin has decided to offer one more opportunity for creators to promote and sell their programs. This year, our board member and advisor, digital content expert, Joël Bassaget, will personally pick five to seven programs among the submitted web series, webdocs, or pilots, to represent them during the Webfest Berlin Professional Day on September 9th. Joël, founder of the Web Series World Cup and author of Web Series Mag, will present the selected projects to buyers and producers attending the festival or following the pitch session live online.

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