A 90-minutes pitching skills course presented in conjunction with Raindance Berlin. The course is designed for film-makers seeking tools and strategies to present their projects appropriately and convincingly – be it on paper, on stage, face to face in an elevator or during a business lunch. General topics like body language and tonality will be covered as well as advice on how to create efficient loglines and on how to overcome insecurities and pitching anxiety. 

Tutor -Sascha Supastrapong

Sascha Supastrapong made his first film career as stuntman. In 2005 he changed into the production department and started his producer career. Trained in international Co-productions and Fiction Producing, he took the examination for recognition as Film and Television Producer (CCI) in 2010. Shortly afterwards he founded the production company Dreamtrader Films (e.g. ORANIA). In addition he works as freelance producer and consultant in terms of rights, licenses and financing for several production companies and occasionally gives classes on production orientated topics. 


Anja Thonig Consultaion

Sign up at the registration desk for your 30 minute personal consultation with Vision Bakery’s Anja Thonig. Anja will review your project and provide guidance for creating a successful rewards based crowdfunding campaign. Appointments are limited. First come first serve

Anja Thonig is the Berlin contact for the crowdfunding platform "Crowdfunding brings people together who believe in a common project idea." With experience from several positions as marketing manager and project manager in various agencies and online startups under her belt, Anja Thonig joined the VisionBakery team in 2014, strengthening it with her extensive knowledge. She now accompanies project initiators from all over Germany to help them successfully implement their crowdfunding ideas.